Orange Ball: Website Development & Branding

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June 28, 2018
Napo Union: Website + Bi Monthly Magazine & Brand Design
March 31, 2018

Branding and Website Development

Orange Ball is a consultancy firm who have a proven record of helping businesses reduce workplace stress through positive mindset techniques.

Number Violet were asked to carry out the re-branding, website development and marketing of the Orange Ball brand which included; design of their new visual identity including the eye-catching logo, their website which stands out against their competitors and full rebrand of their social media platforms. All this along with the usual 'must have' items such as business cards, headed paper and email signatures.

The logo is derived from the name of the company, this creates a strong symbol that can be recognised by clients and customers without the need to use the company name alongside it. The upper circle with a subtle gradient feels minimal, clean and contemporary, giving the impression of a ball. The ball seems as if it is lit from the top, and the secondary oval below becomes a shadow. Pairing the circle and oval provides a feeling of movement and instils a sense of anticipation in the viewer. The pairing also suggests a head atop shoulders, suggesting the more humanistic approach to the company.

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