The Number Violet is a London based marketing and design agency focused on influential marketing campaigns, creative website design, and eye catching brand development.

Whether you are a large company looking to build your current marketing, or you’re a new start-up looking to build your brand from the ground up, we’d love to hear more! Contact us to discuss how we can help you on your journey.



We love everything digital and embrace the digital world! But, this does not outweigh our love of printed material, and sometimes printed media with our quality design, materials and finishes is the only way to go.



We’re all about utilising professional skills and talent, understanding our client’s market, spot on time and budget management, and managing our client’s expectations. Although we would love to promise you the world, we prefer to make sure you know the reality of each project from start to end and for you to feel confident that we will always deliver.


As your needs evolve we give you access to relevant specialist disciplines from across our entire agency, so whatever it is you need us to design and/or build, we’ll have the right skills for the job. We can add these people in on a project-by-project basis or as permanent members of a brand-generating team.


Tip top communication is key to a smooth process from start to end. Together we can develop solutions that will move your business forward using our tried and tested, streamline methodology which we employ with every client - after all we measure our success on the success of our clients.


We all know it isn't easy to measure ROI on your marketing activities. However sometimes being able to prove ROI is essential for continued investment and luckily for you, we know a number of ways to help through various marketing and PR solutions, which we will be happy to discuss with you.

We can tell you how amazing we are, but we think our clients say it best ...

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